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Healthy children

healthy children

Being a parent is one of the most important and challenging things you can do. Helping guide your children to become healthy, happy, responsible and caring adults takes effort and focus.

Check out the links below for info about how you can help your children to be the healthiest they can.

More information about Healthy children


Immunisation is the most effective way to actively protect your child from vaccine preventable diseases.

Active children

Both children and adults need to be physically active to live well.

Eating and drinking for children

Healthy eating is all about balance.

Drinks for kids

You need about 8–10 cups of fluid each day to keep your body hydrated.

Childhood overweight and obesity

Overweight and obese children are likely to stay obese into adulthood.

B4 School Check

B4 School Checks are a free health and development check for 4 year old children/ tamariki.

B4 School Check FAQs

Answers to common questions about the B4 School Check.

Reducing SUDI

Six ways parents can help reduce the risk of SUDI.

Good Mental Health for children

There are 10 things that children need most in order to maintain good mental health.

Supporting Parents, Healthy Children (COPMIA)

Children who have a parent with mental health or addiction issues are at increased risk of a number of poor outcomes