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EML Elevators Ltd

Lift maintenance and installation.

  • New installation of Commercial & Domestic Lifts
  • Machine Roomless Installations
  • Roped or Hydraulic
  • Old Lift Upgrades
  • Remote Monitoring, installed free with any upgrade
  • Planned or Programmed Maintenance
  • Dumb Waiters - Installed or supplied as a kit
  • Client Access to Web Based information on their Installation/s and/or Building Units
  • Client Access to Web Based Account Details
  • Lift Access Control
  • Refurbished Lift Door Controller
  • Refurbished Lift Interiors
  • eService available to third party Lift Companies
  • Separate 24/7 Call Centre for Australia and New Zealand
  • Automatic Fault Call to Service Agent
  • Agent Access to Client Equipment and Maintenance Schedules
  • Automatic Maintenance - Time and Run Based
  • Save power and extend the life of your lift at the same time with an upgrade pack
  • Quiet running without new electronic controller
  • Competitive Maintenance Packages