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Marton Library

Have a favourite author or just want something to read? Need some information for an assignment or simply curious about something? The District Council operates three public libraries - in Taihape, Marton and Bulls (and there are community libraries at Hunterville, Mangaweka and Kawhatau).

We have lots to read ...

The libraries operate as a network, sharing 50,000 books by a rotation system and by moving books to a particular library to meet borrower requests. About 4,000 new titles are added to the collection each year, half of which are for children and teenagers. The libraries run regular children's programmes, with an emphasis on encouraging reading. The libraries spend about one eight of the annual book budget on large print titles, and receive monthly loans of audio tapes ('talking books') for the sight impaired. There is a range of newspapers and magazines in each library, and PCs are available for use (including Internet access).