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New Zealand Down Syndrome Association

The NZDSA is a family/whānau driven organisation.

The aim of the NZDSA is to promote the participation of people with Down syndrome in their community by:

  • Informing and supporting families/ whānau and people with Down syndrome.
  • Promoting awareness of Down syndrome to create positive attitudes in the community.
  • Advocating and promoting the rights and inclusion of people with Down syndrome.
  • Reviewing policies and lobbies government and other agencies.

The NZDSA offers:

  • new parent support through volunteer support parents
  • National coordination of regional groups. Regional groups provide activities throughout New Zealand including coffee mornings, family events, guest speakers and individual support and advocacy.
  • CHAT21, a quarterly update of news, information and stories sent to all members.
  • Information packs distributed to schools, professionals, family and friends.
  • Supports a leadership platform for people with Down syndrome.