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Prostate Cancer Foundation

The Prostate Cancer Foundation has a significant role in promoting public awareness of this disease. With over 3000 New Zealand men being diagnosed each year, and with early detection leading to better outcomes, it is important that men are aware of the signs of potential disease and also of the checking and screening tests that are available from their doctor.

Each year Blue September has a major focus on promoting awareness of prostate cancer. We encourage businesses and community groups to join in with their own promotions as part of this awareness campaign.

Throughout New Zealand more than 25 support groups meet with the primary purpose of supporting men, and their partners and families, who are dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. These groups are co-ordinated, mainly by trained volunteers and meet monthly, or bi-monthly,  and provide opportunity for discussion and input from professionals involved with prostate cancer patients.

Our 0800 4Prostate (0800 477 678) Helpline is available to those who have questions  and concerns about any matters related to prostate cancer. Often these calls will be referred to a person with some experience of prostate cancer or will provide information on where professional advice may be available.

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