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Raetihi Public Library

Public libraries are no longer just about books on shelves, and the Ruapehu District Libraries including Raetihi Library are no exception, with so much more to offer – membership is essential for many of the services, but casual visitors are also welcome and will find much to keep them occupied and informed.

At all three Ruapehu district libraries, you will find:

  • a wide variety of books that can be inter-loaned and returned between the Ruapehu libraries.
  • free internet and 24hr WiFi.
  • 'talking' audio books and large print.
  • magazines, newspapers and periodicals.
  • local history
  • e-Books (see separate link).
  • Electronic databases (see separate link).
  • an interloan service with libraries from other districts.
  • catalogue/OPAC screen to help you find what you want.
  • online catalogue for access from home (see separate link).
  • photocopying, printing, emailing and faxing.
  • childrens holiday activities and reading programmes.
  • programmes  for visiting school and community groups.
  • visits and presentations in the community.
  • helpful staff!