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Taihape Chiropractic Clinic

Greg Oke Chiropractor B.App.Sc Chiropractic ICSSD Sports Chiropractic Spinal and Neuromusculoskeletal therapy. Sports therapy.

My role as a chiropractor is to accurately diagnose, appropriately treat and give you the skills to show you the way you can control your own health.

Some of those skills you may need  may include home based stretching, eating and nutrition, weight management, exercise.

For many people the road that leads them to a chiropractor is through an injury. In New Zealand most of those injuries are covered under ACC. We can help you to receive the appropriate care you need to get back to health and can help you to work with ACC.

How an injury is managed in the first place often dictates how well that injury will heal and the speed of the recovery. Even if yours is not a chiropractic case we can diagnose and refer you to the appropriate therapy you need .