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Te Maru O Ruahine Trust Te Runanga O Ngatai Hauiti

Te Maru o Ruahine literally means the “Protection and shelter of the Ruahine Mountain range”

It refers to the nurturing and caring of our social wellbeing and the provision of a sanctuary for whānau.

The purpose of the trust is to provide quality whānau support services to: 

  •  Ngāti Hauiti whānau 
  •  Māori and non-Māori whānau within the Ngāti Hauiti rohe.

Our kaupapa includes working inclusively as a team to increase whānau hapū capacity. We use a Māori holistic and strengths based approach. 

We work kanohi ki te kanohi with whānau on a wide range of issues; no problem is too big or too small. 

Te Maru o Ruahine Trust provides social support, health, cultural and environmental services.