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Fivestar Wanganui Enterprises

Wanganui Enterprises provides rehabilitation, skills training and employment for people living with disabilities. Employees and trainees are able to work in a safe working environment in either our woodwork or light engineering factory areas.

We are the manufacturers of Fivestar products and deliver a number of training and rehabilitation programmes. Our core products consists of:

  • Dog kennels and runs
  • Garden furniture
  • Trellis
  • Raised gardens
  • Wooden boxs
  • Custom made items
  • Light engineering services
  • Rehabilitation & training programmes.

The aim of these programmes is to deliver an employment focused motivation and training within a factory workplace context. The primary outcome is:

  • for the client to achieve motivation, skills and experience towards sustainable employment in partnership with support agencies to help maximise employment potential and/or further education opportunities.
  • Develop a pathway of motivation that endeavours to meet basic employer and industry requirements
  • Build work readiness and workplace skills by developing and improving on skills, qualities, abilities and the potential of each participant.
  • Link training to an achievement that will assist in obtaining sustainable employment opportunities wherever practicable
  • Rehabilitate those who are in need of confidence building to extend and discover new skills Experience and adapt to getting to and from a place on time
  • Hone the ability for reliable constant attendance
  • Experience working in a team factory environment
  • Become more marketable - for open employment
  • Further Education Increase Confidence, Communication, Literacy and Numeracy Skills

We also offer a range community participation programmes.

Tags: disability, employment, training, education.