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Whanganui Stroke Support Group

Stroke Clubs play a vital role in improving the lives of those affected by stroke in the community. Through varied and innovative activity programmes delivered by dedicated organisers and volunteers, the Stroke Club makes a huge difference to the quality of life for local stroke people. At the same time, it offers carers a bit of much needed respite time knowing their loved ones are in a safe and comfortable environment.

We give support to people who have had a stroke and their families / carers. We keep them advised on any new developments or news regarding stroke. Our field officer visits clients and their families at home/hospital.

Sessions include entertainment which can be Musical, Educational, or a guest Speaker; and lasts for one and a half hours including afternoon tea.

Everyone is welcome. If they wish to continue coming we ask them to pay a subscription of $20 per year

Support Meeting

3rd Tuesday of each month, from 1:30pm until 3.00pm. At the Blind Centre, 102 Peat Street, Whanganui

Field officer

Mondays & Tuesdays only 9.30am to 4.30pm

Contact details

Support group president:

Tracey Collins    |    Phone 022 125 1077    |    Email: Tracycollins2011@live.co.nz,

Field Officer:

Belinda Arundel    |    Phone (06) 345 1370 or (028) 850 00470    |    belindaarundel.strokecentral@gmail.com