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Whanganui Memory Clinic


"Together we can optimise your memory."

The service mainly provides assessments for clients concerned with memory loss. Together we look at the part of memory which has deficits, and plan strategies to improve the situation. All clients must sign a legal Informed Consent outlining their and my expectations. For driving ability assessments,   contact may need to be made with clients' GP if there are safety concerns - otherwise, consults are confidential.

Memory therapy includes assessment of cognition for both personal and driving ability; Education and Brain Training either one-on-one or in classes.
No referral is needed, the service is confidential and understanding. Whanau are very welcome to attend consults.

Medical referrals should follow standard procedure - client's name, date of birth, a brief history,  and reason for visit.

Private enquiries are welcome and relevant information is requested at that time.

First consult $70.00 for at least an hour
Follow-up visits $45.00
Follow-up phone calls - free

Coordinator Bobbie Bryce has a background in Cognitive Psychology and years of experience working at a Memory Clinic in Auckland. She is passionate about helping people make the most of their memory and add new brain cells at any stage of life.  also give talks to groups on subjects such as Memory, Brain Function and Clinical Research.